Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hello gang, as you can see I do not get on here often. I know, you suppose to blog every day.For some reason, I have to many other things to do. I only blog when I feel I have something really GOOD to tell you. And boy do I have some GOOD news to tell you!

I am in the process of making more beautiful designs, and some brooches I know some of you may not even know what I am speaking off. But one or two of you may know what a Brooch is.
Besides, me having new jewelry, and designs to share with you later this year, or if you want to see them now, then you can schedule a party and I come and share my creations with you.

As many of you know I had to dissolve my non-profit last year, Hope For Women Arts,(HFWA).
I am still involved with the process of trying to help our young women to learn and do better in their lives.

I am very happy to be affiliated with another wonderful organization,that I genuinely feel good about. You know we have to feel it for it to happen.  I am still connected indirectly with Bravery Project, UMOM, and CASS. We know how difficult it is to get funding for anything right now in this economy. So with that being said, I wanted you to know I am asking for monies, and other items for this particular non-profit. This a SAFE-HOUSE.

We truly need your help. We are specifically trying to help your women that do not have children to become whole again,by coming to a loving home environment to be nurture and loved. We all need love, and here you get unconditional love from non judgemental people. How wonderful is that?

If you want to donate monies, please go to  and make your donation.
If you have items you want to donate,like furniture, toiletries you can call them at 480-309-9853 or 602-304-1040. We thank  you in advance for your donations. We are a 501 (c)(3).

I love being able to help and give purpose.So this is what is going on with me. If I can help a young lady in need please send this way.  Let me hear from that are interest in donating time, and money.

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